Family Toolkit

The national rise in prescription painkiller and heroin use has hit Pennsylvania particularly hard. Parents and caregivers need information. Fortunately, there are research-based approaches to preventing and treating opiate use.

The Family Toolkit has information about safe disposal of medications, overdose prevention, and how to seek effective treatment for you or your loved ones. Please feel free to download the materials for your personal use or to distribute to others who need it.

View our Family Toolkit.

PAStop Caregiver Toolkit

Workplace Toolkit

Opiate addiction is known to create a number of problems for employers: higher healthcare costs, increased absenteeism, and a less harmonious workplace. The research is clear that preventing and addressing opiate addiction is good for an employer’s bottom line. Given the scale of the opiate epidemic in Pennsylvania, opiates are likely affecting your workplace in some way, whether you know it or not.

The good news is, people tend to be more successful in addiction treatment that’s encouraged by employers than treatment urged by friends and family. Our Workplace Toolkit includes information about Employee Assistance Programs, drug testing that includes prescription painkillers, and special advice for small businesses. Brochures, break room posters, pay stub inserts, and other resources to reach your employees are also free to download.

View and download our Workplace Toolkit and messaging tools on our Downloadable Media page.