PAStop Ongoing Campaigns

Each of these ongoing campaigns has been carefully developed using evidence-based research and testing by statewide SCA’s, coalitions, volunteers and professionals working in the field of prevention. All the materials are FREE to use and many are available for local customization.

Anyone Can Make The Difference. Anyone.

This concept pivots off of our widest known “Anyone can become addicted” message, and emphasizes the idea of regular people taking positive action to assist those with substance use disorders.

Anyone Can Become Addicted. Anyone.

The original awareness and anti-stigma message campaign that breaks down stereotypes associated with opiate dependence by showing a wide, diverse range of individuals across all genders, ethnic and socio-economic strata, all of whom can become dependent on opiates for many reasons.

Care Enough Not to Share.

An awareness message initially targeting 18-25 year olds discouraging the sharing of prescription meds, it is adaptable to seniors and anyone else exposed to quantities of prescription medications.

Don’t Add to the Numbers.

This message was designed to spotlight a moving counter that shows the statewide overdose number going up.

Know what, who, when why to ask.

New for 2021. This campaign was developed to encourage 18-25 year olds to take control of their health and ask their doctor or dentist questions about the pain meds they’ve been prescribed.

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For additional resources designed to help promote healthy choices and positive parenting for parents and caregivers of younger children, please visit our sister website, PA Start.