Don’t Add to the Numbers.




Why should I be concerned about prescription drug misuse?

As a young adult you face some of the most stressful changes of your life, often more than one at a time.

Some examples of these include:

  • Leaving high school
  • Starting/Finishing College
  • Starting a new job
  • Moving somewhere new

While these transitions can be exciting, they can also affect your mental health. In recent years, young adults have become the leaders among all age groups for their rates of mental illness.4

Mental illness is a risk factor for addiction, and over a quarter of young adults with mental illness also have a substance use disorder. Young adults with mental health disorders suffer higher rates of addiction than any other age group.4

What do I do if a friend asks for some of my prescription medication?

Try and avoid being around someone who is asking for you to share your prescription medication. If this is not possible follow these steps.

  • Ask why they need the medication
  • Explain the facts about prescription drugs, and how they are prescribed to you ONLY by a doctor.
  • Tell your friend that it is illegal to share prescription medications.
  • List some of the consequences. “It’s illegal.” “You could get addicted.”
  • Suggest they see a doctor if they are experiencing pain or are having problems concentrating.
  • Help them get information they need for a doctor or to seek help for a possible addiction.
What are other consequences of sharing prescription drugs?
  • Your job could be at risk
  • Your education could be at risk – lose scholarships, financial aid
  • Family relationships could suffer
  • You could put your friends’ health at risk
  • You could put your friends’ education at risk
  • Your friend could become addicted