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The materials provided here are free to anyone that wishes to use them upon agreeing to follow our licensing Usage Guide. This is for your protection.  Any usage of the materials on this site without proper reporting/authorization could  result in fines, fees, and licensing violations from the copyright holders.

Please complete this survey before downloading or utilizing PAStop materials to indicate your agreement to usage terms of compliance.

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The Commonwealth Prevention Alliance invites you to work with us to stop prescription drug misuse and opiate overdose in our state. Here you will find an array of downloadable media materials approved by the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) to use in your area that will help to inform and educate the public about how to combat these serious problems and where to seek help.

*NOTE: All licensed material is being used for illustrative purposes only, and any person depicted in the licensed material is a model. Many of the messaging formats available here can be imprinted with your individual agency logo/information. Some pieces can be re-sized, redesigned to meet specific local needs. However, you MUST review our Usage Guide and complete the survey via the link in the red box above.  Please refer any questions about access to the media materials to

New Designs/Messaging For 2019! This year we are launching TWO new messaging themes; “PA Start” which is a collaborative Primary Prevention Messaging Campaign targeting caregivers of youth to foster healthy choice-making and role-modeling. And “Anyone Can Make The Difference.” which is an action based messaging initiative designed to empower and educate “influencers” in close proximity to at-risk individuals and can make the difference in their lives. (Difference Makers). These new designs can be developed for virtually ANY PAStop materials, even those not listed here. (Click on an item to download)

Website and Digital Ads These ad packages are available here in sets of typical web ad sizes. (For website/social media sharing and embedding.)

Outdoor Advertising (These are just basic samples of common outdoor formats. Most outdoor advertising companies have several different sized products. These designs will need re-sizing to meet different specs. Contact us for redesign services.)

Audio Visual Advertising NOTE: Files are NOT suitable quality for cable, radio, broadcast, or theater use. These are for reference or web-use only. Contact BOOM for versions approved for other usage.


1. Review the materials on this site.
2. Make a plan with your agency/organization/coalition as to what materials you wish to choose and how you will be using them.
3. Designate one person at your agency/organization/coalition to be the contact person who downloads the material.
4. Keep a record of media materials that are used with accurate counts to facilitate follow up questions.
5. Keep a record of comments and feedback that you receive.
6. Keep a record of any partners in your area who help to disseminate materials along with their zip codes.