Staying Mentally Healthy Reduces Substance Misuse

An article by Sajida Nasser, a pharmacy student, in PharmacyTimes, outlined the consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic on mental health. Since a rise in mental health issues can lead to substance misuse, we have included an excerpt from the article with tips to reduce the impact.

1. The first thing is to limit the amount of media exposure, as coronavirus updates can cause a state of restlessness. Being informed about the situation through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization suffice staying informed without the negative repercussions on mental wellbeing. These are reliable sources that will not issue false information for the purpose of gaining more views the way media outlets would.

2. Stay connected to friends and family remotely through technological devices. Social relationships and interactions have a direct link with mental health and behavior. Putting aside an hour a day to give a friend or family member a call or to video chat can refresh one’s mood and can deviate the mind away from thinking about the virus…  Read the full article

Excerpted with permission from PharmacyTimes.

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