PAStop Goes National

CPA is proud of the PA STOP Opiate Abuse Campaign which began in 2015 with the intention of supplying Single County Authority directors with a strong, consistent, message and pre-approved materials. Since then, the campaign has expanded to a much larger audience. We are very pleased that coalitions, agencies, schools, police departments, legislators, colleges, and others are helping to educate and inform our citizens about the dangers of prescription drug abuse and addiction.

At the 2016 NPN Conference in Buffalo, interested prevention folks from around the country were provided samples of materials and were asked to consider joining us in this important effort. With much credit due to the website, our campaign has been noticed by even more states and even other countries.

As we worked our way through the intricacies of figuring out how to maintain the integrity of our message, our grant requirements, and to make partnering more accessible, we finally got it right! As of October of 2017, we welcomed VA STOP to our campaign family.  The Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board has become our first official “out-of-PA” partners. We have structured our agreement in a way that will encourage other parts of Virginia to access the materials and join the cause.

We hope to present and exhibit at CADCA in 2018 –so stay tuned. Please spread the word that our materials are available for adoption in other states. Just 48 states to go!

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