Kim Anglin of Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission

In 2005 and new to prevention, my colleagues got me involved with the Board of Directors of the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance (CPA). Still learning the ropes, I soon discovered that one of the most supportive Single County Authorities in the state was Kim Anglin of the Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission. While many board members had to beg for the “volunteer time” to give to CPA, Kim and her staff were keeping the organization not only alive, but vibrant.

In the fall of 2014 Kim came to Debby Fye, Prevention Supervisor and former CPA President, with an idea. At that time media materials regarding substance misuse were very stigmatizing. Wouldn’t it be a good idea for CPA to design consistent, researched based messaging that contained accurate information to help prevent opiate misuse and reduce stigma? The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency had announced a grant opportunity that fit that criteria. Debby quickly pulled a group together to develop the grant proposal and that was the beginning of PA STOP. Six years later we are still carrying on that good work.

While reflecting on her years with Kim, Debby said, “I was honored to be able to work with a drug and alcohol administrator who worked tirelessly providing services and programs for those affected by substance use disorder.”

“Kim was also instrumental in the development of drug and alcohol curriculum that was copyrighted, recognized and implemented across the United States and internationally. She made significant impacts at the local and state level with prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery efforts with mental health and substance use disorders,” says Kelly Burke, Prevention Specialist at the BHC.

Jeff Hanley, former Prevention Supervisor at the BHC and current Executive Director of CPA noted that in addition to being a strong advocate for prevention, Kim was a compassionate person, friend, and mentor who would always put the needs of her community first.

2020 has been a tragic year for many of us and even more so because Kim lost her battle with cancer and we lost a visionary leader. Her staff and those of us that knew her are truly saddened, but also know that the impact she had on her county and her field will last for many years.

Kathrine Muller, former CPA President
And Project Coordinator, PA STOP Opiate Abuse Campaign

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