My State

What do we get?
Groups participating in the StopOpiate™ campaign program are able to use the Stop™ campaign elements (as outlined in the accompanying agreement) including the branded wordmark (“__Stop“), the branded messaging themes, “Anyone Can Become Addicted” and “Heroin/Rx: Break the Connection” as developed by CPA for PAStop, and any materials including the “Starter Package” that is part of the initial buy-in, for up to three years.

What’s in the materials Starter Package?

  • Logo customized for the relevant state
  • Brochure design (based on existing content/design, with second party entity contact info/content changes)
  • 11X17 Posters (two designs)
  • 8.5X11 Flyers (two designs)
  • Digital ads package (4 standard web sizes X 2 designs for web and social media)
  • 4” Pharmacy bag sticker design
  • 36×90” Pop-Up displays (2 designs)
  • Website domain redirect to a single existing website**

How much does it cost?
The initial usage agreement contact costs $3,500.00 per identified entity* and the materials starter package costs $3,200.00.

But what if we want other items, like billboards, or TV or radio spots?
There is an accompanying rate sheet to develop, design and produce any materials, messaging, or advertising that is not part of the Initial Starter Package. These items are all priced A’la Carte, and can be ordered and purchased at any time during the contract term.

What if we don’t know how to acquire billboard space, transit advertising space, internet and social media ads, radio or TV airtime etc. in our region?
Our media partner BOOM Creative has successfully created statewide and regional advertising campaigns for CPA and for over 30 different individual counties, coalitions and groups in Pennsylvania since 2015. They can assure any group the most effective media plans for their budgets, and produce, distribute, and manage media buys for any size organization, budget, and timeframe.

Do we HAVE to go through BOOM for media production or media purchasing?
No, we encourage it, but if you have arrangements with local media providers you may broker your own media buys, or produce your own materials. However, ALL designs, and ALL media MUST be designed and approved by CPA/BOOM. NO new items may be produced using any of the Stop™ elements unless approved or created by BOOM.

What if we want a website similar to the PAStop website?
As part of the materials starter package, we will direct the “” for your state to any single existing website that you specify. However, if you want to develop a more inclusive website that serves as a clearinghouse for information and resources using the “” for your state, it must be developed by BOOM. This is also an a’la carte item and can be negotiated depending on what content you wish to include.

What can we and can’t we do?
For the most part, as long as you’re purchasing the materials through BOOM/CPA, you can use, distribute or publish them in every way that CPA and other PA organizations have done. There are specific things you can’t do with the materials, based on licensing and copyright issues, and these are outlined in the agreement.

What if our grant providers require media/usage reporting?
If BOOM creates and manages your media purchasing, thorough reporting comes standard with the media management.

What if we need evaluation, research, or content creation?
Our PAStop workgroup members who created and have managed this campaign since 2014 are available for consultation on campaign development and implementation, content creation, evaluation, research resources, and social media implementation as needed. Fees and scope of work to be defined separately.